Saturday, May 05, 2007


Quebec is actually a french speaking province in Canada.But people say Quebec can be considered as a nation within Canada...

We visited Quebec early march.It was still winter.......
Ice hotel and frozen Montmorency falls...

Rideau Canal.....

The canal(the longest outdoor ice-skating venue in the world) in spring looks a lot different! Instead of ice skaters, there are boats going up and down the canal and waiting at the locks to be lifted up to the next water level. Cycling and rollerblading along the canal path is a popular evening activity.


Ottawa hosts Winterlude each year, featuring snow sculptures by local teams, ice sculptures, concerts, and ice-skating along the canal.

Thousands of visitors come from all over to take part in the fun, and the canal, well frozen by this time, is packed with people skating the 9 kilometer skating lane between the Hartwell Locks and the Downtown area ( The longest outdoor scating venue). Along the way there are snow sculptures, heated change rooms, huts selling "beavertails" and hot-chocolate, and special performances.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

OC transpo

An OC transpo bus station........

Public transit services in the city of Ottawa is provided by OC transpo.Transportation is not at all a burden here.For people who are new to the city just type in the "from" and "to" intersections or landmarks and the departure time - you get full details of the buses you can take and the timings.KSRTC,BMTC etc can take lessons :)

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Boxing Day !!

This Boxing day was a memorable day for me.Before this when I hear boxing day the only thing that comes into my mind is the Cricket test matches and the EPL matches that are played this day.
But nowthat I'm away from home(India) I know this day is a special day for retailers also.There are sales all over the country and stores come up with attractive deals.I heard that you get to see big queues in front of the stores by 6 AM.
We were also ready to give a try.So we decided to go to "Future Shop" by 5:30 AM.To be honest I have not seen 5:30 for quite a while now.That is the spirit !!!! We had browsed through the store web site and decided on the items to buy.
when we came out of the house it was snowing like anything.The biggest snowfall of the year.There was snow everywhere and we could not see a single person on the road.I had a second thought whether to really go out in the aweful weather.We decided to go finally.There were no buses and we had to walk in the snow.Snow was not cleared as it was early in the morning.
Finally we reached the store by 6:30.I was surprised to see a loooooooooooooong queue in front of the store.It was amazing!!!!There were cars all over the parking lot.This is not fair :-(We were walking in the damn snow and some people came in their cars.We were in the queue for sometime before we could enter into the store.
Finally when we were in the store some of the items that we decided to take were already sold out and we also missed some other good deals.We got some deals too.

It was a good experience.I will not forget it :)

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Under severe pain

Over the last 2 days I am experiencing severe pain which is comparable to the whole thing that i had to face in my entire life.
Yes it is a bad tooth :(

"To go to a doctor here is not wise" thats what i hear from all the people.

I am well versed in pain killers and amoxycillin now.Thanks to google and my pain.

I really hope this is not gonna continue..

It is in these circumstances that You miss your home badly :(

My home In Ottawa

My House in Ottawa........

Monday, December 11, 2006

In Ottawa finally

The big journey ended finally and I came out of Ottawa airport by 7:45.Had enough time to sip a french vanila from Tim Hortons.
Took a cab and reached home by 8:30.

My home for the next few months........

Toronto awaits

Reached Toronoto by 4 in the evening.I was totally exhausted.After the security check had to rush for the next flight to Ottawa.

At Frankfurt

Frankfurt is one of the biggest airport in the world.I had to walk for about half an hour to get to the gate for the next flight to Toronto.
I had almost 3 hours at Frankfurt.
I could see people from all parts of the world there.It was a good experience.

By noon was ready to cross the mighty Atlantic.

My first onsite.......

I was very excited when I first heard about it from my managers.I just had a few days to get ready.
On the day I was leaving I was so busy that I left office only at 7:15. I virtually didnt have any food the entire day and was out of gas.Finally when I reached home I had only 2 hours to do the packing and all.
I put whatever I can in the 2 big bags and rushed to the airport.Thankfully my flight was at 3:30 AM.
I kept calling home every 30 minutes :)

It was a long wait.......

Finally at around 3:15 I boarded the flight and was all set to go